Welcome to Doxchange!

Doxchange is the web application service provider offering business owners a collection of IT resources to address the many challenges faced by business operators particularly with remittance business operators and money changers. Most businesses owners that run their web application are forced to hire more staffs and include IT experts who can maintain, repair, monitor, or upgrade application software. In the long run, this can be an expensive procedure. For this reason, many businessmen are outsourcing web application service provider to deal with their concerns.

Now, that Doxchange is here, we know how to help you. We can deliver and handle application capabilities from enterprise resource planning applications, supply chain management, financial, E-commerce, sales automation and up to effective customer service.

Our Mission

As a new start up in the business industry, we at Doxchange aims to provide tech-enabled services for small to medium sized business owners. Today's business market is highly competitive, our team decided to share our knowledge, skills and advanced tools by providing our clients with the best technical expertise and best customer service.

Our Concerns

Doxchange is here to provide our clients with web application suited for your business. We are here to help you enhance your productivity by reducing your workload. Our offered web applications are especially designed for business owners who wish to reduce their workload suing state-of-the-art technology. We are here to simply your work and eventually increase your ROI. Doxchange mainly caters remittance business operators and money changers.

Our Team

Our highly skilled team understands that being a web application service provider in the modern industry, we must actually adapt our applications and services to the new era. Many business owners have legitimate concerns regarding the matter.

Reliability and security are the two main issues that every business owners are reluctant in turning to complete control of web applications to an outside source. With Doxchange, we guarantee to address your concerns and security measures of your data.

As part of the industry, we make sure that our services are cost effective and valid. We are here to create change towards our client's success with the use of efficient technology. Doxchange’s staff will give you the tools that you need to gain more competitive advantage.

Our Services

Doxchange application is designed to give you confidence and peace of mind. With our help, you can share your documents or files with other by inviting them to join your group. We can help you so that your target audience can easily access your content. With Doxchange, you can do the following:

  • Share content with confidence

  • Upload files easily

  • Cloud storage for great reliability and accessibility

  • Strong data protection

  • Watermarked files for security purpose

  • Frequent updates

  • Easily communicate